Adam's Guard Application.

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Adam's Guard Application.

- Real Name: My real name is my Minecraft name, I know stupid mistake, but I made it when I was young, My Name is Adam Mikhailov

- Age: 16

- In Game Name: AdamMikhailov

- Email/Skype/Phone:
I Don't have an active email, Just one I use to spam and would be no use as I never go on it.
Skype; Adam.Mikhailov

- Position desired: Guard

- Server Activity: I am fairly new to the server but not new to Factions, I would say I play on the server for about 4-5 Hours throughout the day. This may vary due to Real life Problems. E.g School.

- Reason You're Applying: I'm applying because I have reached CEO and do not care much for factions, I just need something to keep me active on the server, I have also played as a guard on many other Prison servers, Some of them very popular. Anyway, to cut it short, I enjoy playing the position as a guard and do not feel the need to abuse like some other guards.

- Why you Deserve Staff: I Deserve staff because I have a lot of experience, and am fairly active member of the community, I also am online during periods were there might not be any guards on.

- Suggestions for the Server: I Suggest that you make the guard position more exclusive when you make people able to buy the guard position there will be some people who abuse, and I have witnessed many cases of abuse of power.

- Additional info: If there is anything you think that I might be missing in my application, Just ask and ill try give you the information you need. Thanks -Adam