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ApolloPHD Guard Application

- Real Name: Jacob Sattler
- Age: 14
- In Game Name: ApolloPHD

- Email/Skype/Phone: jacobes4199@aol.com/bigjake4199/not going to say in public
- Position desired: Guard

- Server Activity: 1-3 hours a day (maybe)

- Reason You're Applying: i am applying for the prison server because i think it is an amazing server with great people and staff and i want to contribute to it any way i can

- Why you Deserve Staff: i dont think i deserve, i dont think anyone deserves staff it is just something that people get if they are trustworthy and i think i am. I hope you will let me be apart of the honor for staff

- Suggestions for the Server: I dont think you should change anything other than the new prison, that is coming soon. Kepp up the goood work