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Application for Guard

Randy De Leon
Real Name: Randy De Leon

Age: 18

In Game Name: flufytoaster


Position desired: Guard

Server Activity: I play everyday when I don't have classes to attend. I'm usually on around 11:00 am till 1:00 am.  

Reason You're Applying: I enjoy playing on your server and would like to be guard if possible. I also have a lot of time to kill and would like to spend the time helping out on your server.

Why you Deserve Staff: I feel I deserve staff because I know the rules to prison and follow them discreetly. I'm also willing to help people that need to find there way around or answer any questions that need answering. I am also staff on two servers, so I'm already experienced and will do my best as staff to provide help to the community.

Suggestions for the Server: A suggestion I have would be to add warps to the different mines and shops. I found it very tedious to go from Prison 1.0 to 2.0 just to sell stuff I couldn't sell in the other shop, for example Sponge. Also, another suggestion is to add a Black Market where stuff sells more then the regular shop and also even buy enchants for swords and armor.