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Guard App

- Real Name: Matthew

- Age: 13

- In Game Name: reverb239

- Email/Skype/Phone: Skype: monk3y976 and email is

- Position desired: I am looking to becoming a Guard (other ranks are ok too)

- Server Activity: I am on the server for about 2 hours or more every day depending if i am busy with my out side life but i will put in more time when i become guard or if i become it so i can make sure the server player players are following the rules and having fun.

- Reason You're Applying: The reason I am applying for guard is because I want to help out the server

- Why you Deserve Staff: I deserve staff because I am a nice person to get along with and I am easy to become friends with and i follow the rules and i don't abuse my power because i know how important my job is for the server. I   also find the server highly additive in a good way and I play on it allot because i find this the only prison server that is good and that have nice staff that don't abuse. I have experience with being staff because i am a co owner on a very good faction server that is called legacy raids and that gets a good amount of donations.

- Suggestions for the Server: The server should have maybe a obstacle course and have mini drop party's every Friday for when ever lots of people come on