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Guard appliication

- Real Name: Matthew

- Age: 13

- In Game Name: reverb239

- Email/Skype/Phone: here is my Skype: monk3y976 and here is my email:

- Position desired: I am looking to becoming a guard

- Server Activity: i play on the server every week unless i am gone somewhere or very busy and i can be on for about 4 hours or maybe more depending if i am busy

- Reason You're Applying: The reason i am applying is because i find the server very fun to play on and i like to help people out on the server.

- Why you Deserve Staff: I deserve staff because i want to help out the server. i will make sure people are getting along and not breaking the rules or trying to break the rules. i will try to be on every day to check on the server. i will ask a staff that is a higher rank than me before doing stuff like banning some one ect. As i guard i know how important my job is for the server and i will not ever abuse it Also i will do the guards job to take contraban items away from prisoners. As a guard i will not give any guard items to friends or players. I have been a guard on 1 other prison server but it got shutdown so i have experience with being a guard.

- Suggestions for the Server: For the server i think there should be a faster way around the prison and there should be maybe a little obstacle course for the prisoners and they can win like a little prize at the end of the course.

Thank you for reading my application!