KillerNinja831's Guard Application [Redo}

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KillerNinja831's Guard Application [Redo}

-Real Name: My real name is Josiah Clay.

-Age: My age is 14 years of age.

-In Game Name: My in game name is KillerNinja831.

-Email/Skype/Phone: My: My Email is KillerNinja831. My Skype is jdog1264 and my phone is 330-324-1840.

-Position Desired: The position I would like to desire is the guard rank of the fatality prison server.

-Server Activity: My server activity on fatality prison is about 4-8 hours a day 5-7 days a week.

-Reason You're Applying- I am applying to help the fatality network server a.k.a the fatality prison server as a guard on the wonderful server. I would like to support the other guards/higher ranks with anything I have the power to help. I would like to be apart of what's going on with the server a.k.a building/mining/helping with players and last but not least help in general with all staff I can when it needs done/helped. Another reason I am applying for guard is because I want to see the wonders of being a guard helping supporting being there for players when they need it. Taking contraband weapons/items will be in my total deduction to being guard. I shall enforce any rule I may/help. I would like to be able to work hard for the server and/or anything I can do to help.

-Why Do You Deserve Staff: I believe that I deserve the postion of guard because I am very trustworthy and I want to prove that by being responsible and rashonal about the powers/advantages of ebing a guard on fatality prison. I deserve staff also because I want to help I want to think for the server give ideas to the server. I want to see the  server get more popular so I want to do that by adevrtising people that have minecraft to join I would like to see the world of being a guard of being free being responsible so I want to have that privelage to do that. I want to be trusted if I were to get guard I would be the up-most happy I would feeel trusted and care for the rank with my life I want to be able to keep the rank as long as I can.

-Suggestions For The Server: Any suggestions I have for the server is to fix any bugs I guess becauset theres not much but we can maybe improve on the bug/glitch fixes. Any other suggestions would be that maybe get more protection on the guard stuff.

 Well I guess this is goodbye, I hope you enjoyed KillerNinja831's Guard Application.
Bye Have a nice day!
-KillerNinja831 (Owner Of Application) P.S Give some feeback