OCMan101 New Guard Application

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OCMan101 New Guard Application

IGN: OCMan101

Real name: Evan

Age: I am currently 13 years of age. My birthday is on June 9th.

Email: lightbot01@comcast.net

Current Rank: I am currently at the rank of Blaze. I donated for Blaze about a week ago, before tat I was the rank of Emerald, and before that I was a Peasant.

Time played on server: I have played on this excellent server for about a month now.

How did you find Fatalitymc: I was looking for a good prison server when I discovered this on Planet Minecraft.

Activity on server: 1-3 hours a day 4-5 days a week.

Have you been staff on other servers: Yes. The most recent one is being the owner of my own server, PvPKingdom.

How do you like the staff so far: The managment, Bzerker, Slappy, and H2H0 have done a excellent job. However, I feel the Guards are lacking. They don't always ask for contraband, curse, and NEVER stop fights. However, A few are exceptions, such as hihopyo, ehcre, dvlanvo1, and Leathernuke who I feel have been doing a good job.

Reason I want to become a guard: I want to become a guard because I really love this server and wish to help it beyond simply donating money, there are some things money just can't do.

Reason you should pick me for guard: I believe I have followed the rules fairly well on this server. I also have donated to Blaze rank, and feel I have been fairly active and dedicated. I also believe I know my way around this server and Minecraft as a whole very well now.

I hope you enjoyed reading my application and I hope I was alot more thorough this time. Thank you :)
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Re: OCMan101 New Guard Application