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i woud love to become guard i playing alot on it love to help people im nice to evry body
the reson i want to become guard is i have been a admin on Another server and i helped out alot and did as mutch as i coud so if i coud become guard it woud help me alot iknow alot of people whit swords i know some guards on skype so i know how they work.
My real name: Danne
my skype name: Uncleanerbird49
my age: 14

the reson i want to become a guard is to help the server and do so ppl follow the rules and not break them em.

why i deserv it is becuse i have experience of it and i do as mutch i can to help.

im Swedish so i can help when im coming from school and on the school breaks.

so my time on the server woud be higer if i coud become a guard.