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mrcarft896 Guard Application

Real Name: Antonio
- Age: 14

- In Game Name: mrcraft896

- Email/Skype/Phone:

- Position desired: Guard

- Server Activity: i have been playing on your server for a couple of weeks almost a month now my rank is Employee 2 more ranks till i max out!

- Reason You're Applying: reason why im applying is because i want to help out this amazing server you have made. i play on it everyday for 1-2 hours a day, and i think i have proved that im loyal to your server and i do not break the rules to your server. i know some guards see people with contraband and they do anything about im not going to say any names im just going to leave it at that. i want to do you a favor and help your server.

- Why you Deserve Staff: I believe that I would be the best choice for guard because I have lots of experience with a leadership or protective position. I am a very kind person, am willing to help anyone upon request, and am an easy person to get along with. I am always open to suggestions or correction and take them very seriously. I am very laid back and love to have fun but I can always “get down to business!"
I have been playing fatality  for about 3-5 weeks now and am experienced with how the prison genre works and how to guard, as I am a free on your server. I am on usually from one - three  hours a day most days and enjoy conversing with other prisoner and guards. It even excites me more that this is a new server (kinda) and many more possibilities are available.
I have spent countless hours gaining money to rank up.  However, I don’t always think “me, me, me”. I love to help others. I also try to spend lots of time getting to know the guards, the newbies on the server, and other prisoners on the server. I believe this is a key part in having a truly amazing time on the server.
I consider myself a decent PVP-er but definitely not the best. I am currently working on improving that by practicing day by day. I also hope that, as I grow closer to the guards that I can take their suggestions and use them to improve upon, thus helping the server and me.
I am a very outgoing person and always welcome new people. I never want anyone left out and feel bad. I believe that anyone and everyone should be included no matter their race, religion, or opinions.

- Suggestions for the Server: facebook page or maybe a youtube channel
hope you enjoined reading my application it is very much appreciated
(i have posted this in the wrond section before so i posted it in the right one)